About Us

"EuroTank Trans" d.o.o., is established 1999. During all these years of successful business, our company has been grown into leader when it comes to liquid cargo transport in region. Mission of comapny "EuroTank Trans" is to provide top quality transport of liquid goods on domestic and european market.
Maintaining quality, honest cooperation and teamwork, we have achieved impressive number of clients, with ambition for widening our portfolio. Our constant development and individual approach to every single client and modern vehicle fleet which meets the highest eco standards guarantees full safety and highest level of services for each of our clients and their specific demnads.

With compliments,
Slobodan Šarac


In order to maintain and constantly improve quality of our services, we are currently in progress of implementation of ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP standards. By introducing these standards, we are improving our services and proving that we always tend towards improvements.

Where do we operate?

Our slogan is EUROPE WITHOUT BORDERS. From this slogan you can bring up conclusion that we operate throughout whole Europe. In every moment we can provide vehicle as soon as possible in any Europe country, with focus on Central, East and Southeast Europe.


With years of experience in transport and development of our transport services throughout expansion of our fleet, our truck service has expanded. Now we have our own truck service whose task is to maintain top condition of our trucks which is necessary in order to provide maximum effeciency and quality of our transport services, which must made always on time.

Cleaning station

Tanker washing process is vital for having top quality of liquid cargo transport. Flawless cleanliness of every of our tankers with every entry point and pipelines are provided with modern washing devices in our cleaning station. Using high pressure washing technology, cold and hot water and various detergents depending of our client's needs, we achieve flawless cleanliness of our tankers.

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